Sample Education Revolution Bill of Rights

  1. All people have the right to a free education from cradle to grave; education is a basic human right; everyone who receives an education will get a job either from the government or private industry, based on their course of studies;
  2. People of all socio-economic classes will receive an equal education – any student can enroll in any school. Education will endeavor to fulfill Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs and concept of motivation for every student;
  3. The goal of education is to produce life-long learners who are committed to a life of respect of and help for fellow beings;
  4. Educators can be from various backgrounds, ethnicities, experiences, and religions;
  5. Education programs must be sensible (no redundant coursework) and provide pragmatic, hands-on teaching experience. Open-source materials, and those without the purpose of excessive profit for their manufacturers will be procured for students; Experienced teachers will have the option of mentoring newer ones;
  6. Educators can choose the curriculum within their subject area that they wish to teach (freely available lesson plans, multimedia, etc). Educators may choose their education method and philosophy. Religious (spiritual) principles will not be taught in public schools - they may be taught in private religious schools;
  7. Education should be differentiated, based on the teacher's expert opinion of how to teach and how reach a wide variety of students and range of abilities;
  8. Education must include all components of Restorative Discipline/Justice. Students will learn about human behavior, mediating disputes, civics, and basic economic theory;
  9. Education must be well-rounded and include both academic and whole-person components (constructivism, critical reflection, and psycho-educational1);
  10. Teachers, administrators, and staff shall be required to have education training; they shall be required to teach as part of their job description.

1 The Little Book of Restorative Discipline for Schools Amstutz and Mullet, 2005

This Bill of Rights will be presented to the GA and voted upon when members of the Education Revolution Group have finalized the text. These Rights were originally written by two group members on October 24, 2011.