Welcome to the OWS Education Revolution Wiki!

For information on this group on the OWS site, visit the NYCGA Education Revolution Group

Contact urbanpubedreform@gmail.com if you would like to create or work on this wiki.

Mission Statement from OWS GA website:

"Whereas…this group was formed at the beginning of OWS by an educator who wants to create a new education system for OWS (not replacing the current system) it is requested that participants in this group leave pre-existing affiliations aside. This group is meant to build a new system of education for OWS starting on day 1. If you are a member of the group and plan on bringing any other agendas to the group, kindly leave and take your agendas to other venues.

Group Administrator

The administrator of this group has a Master’s Degree, paralegal certificate, and teaching credential, and has been a senior technical writer and project manager at various well-known companies in Silicon Valley, CA.

Current Working Issues:

  1. Consensus Statement to Present to the NYC General Assembly on November 17, 2011:
  • "Insert Statement from #OccupyCal on November 15, 2011?"
  • [Endorse open letter to UC Regents....?]